The Fisantekraal Estate is a private nature reserve, which is managed by the owners themselves. Since this type of development is relatively unique, it is only permitted by the authorities under stringent conditions pertaining to its administration, as well as the preservation of its indigenous vegetation, animal life and certain types of insect life.

The owners are themselves responsible for the administration of the area in its entirety. Therefore, an attempt is made in this volume to inform you as owner, of the prescribed regulations of order. Simultaneously you are provided with all possible information regarding the development and administrative structures that have already been put in place by the developer.

The "Fisantekraal Estates Homeowners Association" (FHA) was established to manage and administrate the reserve on behalf of all owners. For this purpose, as stipulated by the Constitution of the FHA, a management committee consisting of five members has been appointed. Since the developer (DEV) originally owned all erven in the reserve, the developer appointed all the members of the management committee. In the near future, the present members will be replaced with members appointed by the new owners (purchasers) in the normal way. The aim of this volume is to familiarize buyers with all the facets of the development, administration, regulations, fees and levies which will be payable in the future. At the same time, the volume is compiled in such a manner that it allows for continious updating and therefore serves as a permanent source of reference.

During June 2000 permission was obtained from various Departments of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the relevant local authorities for the rezoning of the Remainder of the farm Fisantekraal 567, Riversdale, to Open Space Zone III, and Residential Zone I for the purpose of subdivision into 46 portions (erven). This complies with the demand for country living within a nature reserve (Open Space Zone III).

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ”
― Warren Buffet